LCD Electronics – The Lifespan of Electronic Components Soldered into the Display Monitor & LCD Panel

Like all electronic components, the ones soldered into an LCD monitor screen too have an indicative lifespan. While components continue to function even after their rated lifespan is over, their performance degrades by over 50%.
  • Under the normal operating conditions of temperature, humidity & handling LCD electronics have a lifespan of around 100,000 hrs (12 years). It's the same with the LED backlight as well.
  • However, the CCFL backlight lasts 15,000 hrs before it loses 50% of its brightness.
  • The EL (electroluminescent) backlight lasts about 10,000 hrs depending on the make, brand and quality.
As explained in the LCD electronics course, that EL is different from CCFL, which has a higher life span. Most modern LCD panels use CCFL backlight tube.