Sanwa Digital Multimeter and Yokogawa Digital Multimeter - Quick Electronics Notes on DMMs

Both multimeters are from Tokyo, Japan and products of the Sanwa Electric Instrument Co., Ltd and Yokogawa Electric Corporation respectively.
I have used both kinds of multimeters for electronic testing -- Sanwa multimeters for wider & quicker testing projects and Yokogawa multimeters for intensive & complex troubleshooting.

What I like best about Sanwa is the convenient range of pocket DMMs that I can carry around wherever I go. PM3, PM11 and the newer PM33 are some examples of this model type with an accuracy of between 0.7-0.8%

Other more advanced models from Sanwa include PC5000a (very accurate), CD771 and CD-800a -- which is quite popular in Singapore.

Among Yokogawa's test instruments, I like the 7555 & 7561 series of digital multimeters.

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