Acer LCD Monitor Problem – How To Repair Acer Monitor That Resets & Restarts

This is a problem with many LCD monitors, including Acer. When I turn it on, it shows the Acer logo but then resets and restarts without reason. I'm also unable to manually reset it, and the only option is to unplug it from the socket. How do you fix it?
  • Monitor restarting is a problem with some 19" Acer LCD monitors (specially Acer AL1912 & Acer AL1916). The reason is corrosion on the circuit board that holds the buttons.
  • You can fix this by removing the flat panel with the with 3 screws that hold the button board.
  • Disconnect the tiny cable from the board and use a toothpick to clean between the solder connections where the ribbon cable plugs into button board.