CCFL Backlight - The Weak Electronic Link in the Performance of a LCD Monitor

Though LCD backlight is expected to last 4-7 years without problems, some tubes start dimming as early as 1-2 years.

A number of factors contribute to backlight failure:
  • voltage fluctuation & brownout
  • cheap parts / fake parts / used parts 
  • humidity & heat 
  • (in rare cases) a quality or manufacturing defect
Since the CCFL backlight lights up the screen, losing it will cause the screen to dim, and hence, it is a weak electronic link in the overall usability of a LCD monitor.

Here are some facts about the LCD backlight bulb:
  • A backlight is a thin fluorescent tube that lights up the LCD screen
  • Most backlights are either EL (electroluminescent) or CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp)
  • A new backlight tube has a life span from 5,000-15,000 hours of usage before it loses 50% of its brightness.