Dead Bulging Capacitors - Easy Tip to Prevent Dead Capacitors in your Electronic Circuit Board

This is one of the most common problems in electronic testing. Capacitors go dead when sudden voltage surges or other shocks exceed the temperature threshold that they can handle.

The result is domed, leaking and bulging capacitors which affect the working of the rest of the components till they are repaired.

So how do you prevent dead capacitors in your electronic circuit board? Simple.

Get capacitors that have a higher temperature threshold. That is, if a component requires a capacitor with a rated temperature of 105 degrees C, get one that's higher and solder it in instead of the usual capacitor.
That way, the capacitor is able to absorb voltage shocks better and will not go dead all of a sudden. Needless to say, this also saves you time and money due to frequent capacitor replacement.