LCD Monitor Repair – 3 Cases When It Is Cheaper To Repair LCD Monitors

First up, check the reasons why your LCD monitor is not working.
  • Is it is a burned capacitor which can be replaced quickly & cheaply?
  • A cracked panel which costs $150-250 to replace?
  • Or simply an ageing monitor that needs to be replaced in its entirety?

It is cheaper to repair LCD monitors when:
  1. The cost of replacement parts (panel or capacitor) is lower than the cost of buying a new monitor.
  2. New monitors related to the size you want (22”, 24”, 32” or 42”) are unavailable, incompatible or expensive for your buying budget.
  3. Your monitor is new – but out of warranty – and needs only minor repairs. In this case, it is cheaper to replace the parts that are defective than to buy a new LCD monitor.