LCD Monitor, LCD TV and Plasma TV - Is It Cheaper to Repair or Replace?

Most people feel that it is cheaper to simply replace a monitor or television once it develops a fault, rather than try and repair it first.
That, unfortunately, is not always true.

When you're faced with a situation to repair or replace, consider the cost it took to buy a new TV (or monitor). Then approach at least 3 repair shops in your neighborhood and ask for a quoted invoice for the cost it will incur to repair your monitor or TV.

I recently repaired my 32" LCD TV for less than $300. The front screen had cracked and some of the electronic parts had to be replaced. I saved at least 30-40% by repairing instead of buying a new TV.

The difference becomes more evident when it involves something high-end like plasma televisions. It is usually far more expensive to buy a new Plasma TV than to repair it.

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