LCD Monitor & TV Repair Cost – A Flat Rate For Repairs is Cheaper than an Hourly Rate

If you need to send out your LCD monitor or LCD TV for repairs, make sure you choose a flat rate over an hourly rate (specially when you have a choice).

A flat rate always works in your favor as long as the technician does a good job, while hourly rates can be a pain both to you and the repair guy.

I repair LCD monitors for a living and charge a flat fee of $75 for monitors up to 18” in size. It increases by $10 with each step up (i.e., $85 for a 19" monitor and $95 for a 20" monitor)

This includes labor & parts but excludes the cost of the LCD panel (if it needs to be replaced). Most LCD repairs come with a 90-day warranty on parts, so make sure you claim yours.